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Details of Academic Members

Academic Members of the Study of Parliament Group have been invited to place details of their areas of research on this website. Those who have agreed to do this are listed below.

Name/position/email/website Interests
Dr Faith Armitage
Research Fellow, Department of Politics, Birkbeck College, University of London
British politics
Gender and politics
Contemporary political theory
Dr Katrin Auel
Senior Researcher
Role of national parliaments in EU affairs
Legislative behaviour
Public engagement/Parliamentary communication function
Regional parliaments
Dr Nicholas D J Baldwin
Dean and Director of Operations, Wroxton College of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxfordshire
Composition of HoL
Legislative activity of HoL
Relationship between HoC & HoL
Pressure groups and HoL
Powers & functions of Second Chambers
Uni & Bi-cameralism
Influence of Parl (vis-a-vis Executive)
Ministers & Civil Servants
British PMs
Dr Giacomo Benedetto
Senior Lecturer in Politics and Policy, Royal Holloway, University of London
Comparative legislative politics
The European Parliament
Comparative budgetary politics
Prof Robert Blackburn
Professor of Constitutional Law, King's College London
Constitutional law
Voting system
Political and constitutional reform
Prof Hugh Bochel
Professor of Public Policy, School of Social Sciences, University of Lincoln
Participation and representation
Parliament and social policy
Parliamentary scrutiny of the intelligence and security agencies
Policy making and implementation
Prof Rosie Campbell
Professor of Politics, Birkbeck University of London
Political representation
Political careers
Women and politics
Prof Sarah Childs
Professor of Politics and Gender, Dept of Politics, Birkbeck, University of London
Women's Political Representation
Gender, Party Politics & Parliament
Publications: with Webb, P. (2012) Sex, Gender and the Conservative Party (Palgrave); (2008) Women and British Party Politics (Routledge); (2004) New Labour's Women MPs (Routledge)
Mr Ronan Cormacain
Consultant Legislative Counsel. Director, Sir William Dale Legislative Drafting Clinic, University of London. PhD Candidate, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies;
Legislative Drafting
Rule of Law
Constitutional Law
Devolved Assemblies
Scrutiny of Legislation
Mr Philip Cowley
Professor of Parliamentary Government, University of Nottingham and Twitter: ATphilipjcowley
Parliamentary Voting
Constituency work and Home Style
Conscience Issues
Dr Emma Crewe
Senior Research Fellow at SOAS, University of London and
Westminster parliament
Anthropology of parliaments
M.P.s socialisation and roles
Identity and representation
Mr Byron Criddle
Byron Criddle, Emeritus Reader in Politics, University of Aberdeen
British Members of Parliament
British political recruitment
Candidate selection procedures & social composition HoC
Publications: contrib. Author Nuffield General Election studies from 1983; co-author The Almanac of British Politics, ed'ns 1995-2007
Prof David Feldman
Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, University of Cambridge; Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge
Relationship between law and politics
Human rights in Parliament
Constitutional law
Administrative law
Comparative public law
Relationship between national and international law
Civil liberties
Dr Ruth Fox
Hansard Society
Political & constitutional reform
Organisation & procedures of Parliament
Legislative & scrutiny process
Role & function of parliamentarians
Representation of women in politics
Parliaments & public engagement
Public attitudes to politics
Ms Oonagh Gay
Senior Researcher at the Parliament and Constitution Centre, House of Commons (ret'd)
Restoration and Renewal
Mr Marc Geddes
PhD student, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield
Select committees
Scrutiny of government
Socialisation of MPs
Parliamentary practices
Role of MP
Dr Philip J Giddings
Academic (retired)
The Ombudsman Institution
Socialisation of MPs
Second chambers
Models of 'Speakership'
Church and State
Dr Mark Goodwin
Lecturer in British Politics, Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham; Twitter: @ MarkRGoodwin
Select Committees, Scrutiny, Policy-making
Evidence and research use
Expertise and representation in Parliament
Prof Robert Hazell
Director, Constitution Unit, UCL
Reform of the House of Commons, and Lords
Freedom of information
Parliament and the Judiciary
Mr Murray Hunt
Legal Adviser to JCHR and Visiting Professor in Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford
Parliaments and the Rule of Law
Parliaments and Human Rights
The domestic status of international legal standards
Dr Nigel Jackson
Reader in Persuasion and Communication, University of Plymouth
Political communication
Political marketing
Online political communication
Dr Jeff King
Senior Lecturer, University College London
UK constitutional and administrative law; Parliamentary treatment of human rights; Administrative justice (incl. tribunals and ombudsmen); Social welfare and social law; Comparative public law (esp Germany, France, USA, Canada); Comparative human rights
Dr Phil Larkin
Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Canberra
Legislatures (especially Westminster systems)
Policy making
Political parties
Prof Cristina Leston-Bandeira
Professor of Politics, University of Leeds
Parliaments and Citizens
Public engagement
The impact of the internet on parliaments
The reform of parliament
Comparative legislatures
Prof Joni Lovenduski
Birkbeck, London
Political Representation
Gender and Politics
Equality Institutions in and out of Parliaments
Dr Rosa M Malley
SPAIS, University of Bristol
Women's political representation
Westminster and the Scottish Parliament
Parliamentary reform
Dr Felicity Matthews
Senior Lecturer in Governance and Public Policy, University of Sheffield
Westminster politics
Government and cabinet
Constitutional reform
Policy design and delivery
Public administration
Public appointments
Emer Prof David R Miers
Emeritus Professor of Law, Cardiff University (retired 2010)
Regulating commercial gambling
Legislation & legislative process
Criminal justice systems' responses to victims of personal crime, inc compen.
Publctns inc. Law Making in Wales, 2011, SPG Paper
Deputy Chair, Responsible Gambling Strategy Board
Dr Henry Miller
Associate Professor (Research), Department of History, Durham University
Parliamentary history
Petitions and petitioning
Participation and representation
History of elections and electoral reform
Members of Parliament and parliamentary biography
19th century political history
Prof Ralph Negrine
Professor of Political Communication
Dept of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield
Political communication
Media (old and new)
Politics and media
Lord Philip Norton of Louth
Professor of Government and Director of the Centre for Legislative Studies, University of Hull
Parliamentary voting behaviour
Organisation and procedures of Parliament
Parliamentary reform
House of Lords
Comparative legislatures
Conservative Party
British Government
Temitayo I. Odeyemi
Doctoral Student, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds
Comparative legislatures
Public engagement
Digital governance
Police accountability
Climate governance
Youth and politics
Mr Craig Prescott
Academic, Department of Law, University of Winchester
Constitutional Law
Election Law and voting systems
Constitutional and political reform
Alex Prior
PhD Student, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds
Parliament and public engagement
Prof Robert Pyper
Head of School of Social Sciences, Professor of Government and Public Policy, University of the West of Scotland,
Ministerial and civil service accountability to parliaments
Parliamentary mechanisms of scrutiny and accountability
Devolved legislatures
Parliamentary Commissioners and 'Watchdogs'
Prof Shirin Rai
Director, Leverhulme Trust Programme Gendered Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament
Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament
Gender and Politics
Gender and Representation in the Indian Parliament
Performance and Politics as an approach to studying Parliament
Prof Michael D Rush
Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Exeter
Socio-economic backgrounds & political careers of MPs
MPs' pay, services and facilities
Socialisation of MPs
Historical development of Parliament
Parliament & pressure politics
Canadian Parl'mnt
Comparative legislatures
Prof Meg Russell
Director, Constitution Unit, UCL
House of Lords
Parliamentary policy impact
Parliamentary reform
Psychological and sociological approaches to parliament
Dr Paul Seaward
Director, History of Parliament;
Political institutions
history of Parliament and political institutions in the UK and beyond
17th century political history and history of Political Thought
Edward Hyde, first Earl of Clarendon
Publications cover British Constitution, Hobbes
Prof Malcolm T Shaw
Visiting Professor, Department of Politics, University of Exeter
Parliamentary committees
Comparison of parliaments
Parliament and the executive
Parliament and pressure groups
Parliamentary parties
Dr Mark Shephard
University of Strathclyde
Legislative behaviour
UK Parliament
Scottish Parliament
PM/FM Questions
Political communication
Dr Louise Thompson
Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester
Legislative committees
Comparative legislatures
Parliamentary reform
Dr Jennifer Van Heerde-Hudson
Senior Lecturer in Political Behaviour, Constitution Unit/Dept of Political Science University College London
Campaigns and elections
Socio-demographic profile of candidates/MPs
Parliamentary careers
Political communication
Dr Elin Weston
Visiting Lecturer, King's College London
Constitutional Law
Public Law
Human Rights and Parliaments
Codifying the constitution
Dr Ben Worthy
Lecturer in Politics, Birkbeck College, University of London
British politics
Political leadership

Last updated: 7 November 2020