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SPG Papers

The Study of Parliament Group publishes on its website a range of research reports, seminar papers and other material generated as part of the Group’s various activities. These are papers that would not otherwise be in the public domain, but which the Group considers to be valuable contributions to public awareness of and discussion about the matters that fall within its objects.

The views expressed in these papers are those of their authors and do not represent the Group’s views on their subject matter. Users of the Group’s website who wish to contact the author(s) of any of its papers are invited to do so directly via the addresses given.

SPG Paper 3 (March 2014):
Alexander Horne
Is there a case for greater legislative involvement in the judicial appointments process? (PDF, 1,241kb)
ISBN 978 0 9510485 1 1

SPG Paper 2 (March 2011):
David Miers, Emeritus Professor of Law, Cardiff University
Law Making in Wales: A Measure of Devolution (PDF, 790kb)

SPG/Hansard Society joint paper (March 2010):
Robert Blackburn, Ruth Fox, Oonagh Gay, Lucinda Maer
Who Governs? Forming a coalition or a minority government in the event of a hung Parliament (PDF, 355kb)
ISBN 978 0900432 59 0

SPG Paper 1 (January 2010):
Alexander Horne, Home Affairs Research Section, House of Commons
The Changing Constitution: A Case for Judicial Confirmation Hearings? (PDF, 731kb)
With a foreword by Sir Ross Cranston FBA 

Articles in other journals, etc.

This list includes publications in the names of individual SPG members which were undertaken on behalf of the Group.

Entries are in date order, the latest publications first.

Books and evidence to select committees are listed on other pages.

Special Section: 40 years of Departmental Select Committees in the House of Commons (Guest Editors: Paul Evans, Lucinda Maer, Philip Norton and Huw Yardley)
Parliamentary Affairs, Volume 72, Issue 4, October 2019
ISSN 0031-2290, EISSN 1460-2482
(Articles marked * are available without subscription)

Gavin Drewry
The Study of Parliament Group and the Development of Specialist Select Committees, 1964–1985, August 2019

Megan Conway and Alexander Horne
The Impact of the Joint Committee on Human Rights on Government Legislation
(Data in connection with forthcoming book: Parliament and the Law, 2nd edition), September 2017

Report of Joint Seminar on Prisoner Voting and the Constitution, 18 June 2014

"J.A.G. Griffith: Parliament and Legislation"
John McEldowney
Public Law 1,2014 pp 85-99

Summary of Joint Seminar on Parliamentary Privilege, 12 October 2011

Letter to the Times (published 14 January 2010) on implementation of the Report of the Committee on the Reform of the House of Commons
Note: The name of Professor Michael Lee (University of Bristol, retired) should also have appeared in support of the letter.

"The Deregulation Procedure: an expanding role"
David Miers
Public Law [1999] 477-503
(Publishers: Sweet & Maxwell)

"Lobbying Parliament"
Michael Rush
Parliamentary Affairs 43, 1990, pp 141-8

"Party Committees in the House of Commons"
Philip Norton
Parliamentary Affairs 36 No 1 1983 pp 7-27

"Private Bill Procedure: A case for Reform"
The Study of Parliament Group [written by Peter G. Richards]
Public Law 1981 pp 206-227

"Parliament and Legislation"
Some Members of the Study of Parliament Group
Parliamentary Affairs 22, 1969, pp 210-215

Prepared by Simon Patrick, 6 February 2001; last amended 4 January 2020