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Here are links to some older research papers. We are not, of course, responsible for the contents of the sites they are on, and comments should be directed to those who run them. If, however, any of the links fail to work, please tell us by e-mail or use the comments page.

Older research papers on Parliamentary subjects

The papers are in PDF format. The UK list includes instructions on how to download PDF documents. See also the HC Library's notes on Parliament and the Constitution and House of Lords Library Notes.

House of Commons (List) Scottish Parliament (List by date) (list by subject) National Assembly for Wales (List) Northern Ireland Assembly (List)

Succession to the Crown Bill 2012-13 (RP 12/81)

UK Election Statistics 1918-2012 (RP 12/43)

House of Lords Reform Bill 2012-13 (RP 12/37)

Members' pay and expenses - current rates and a review of developments since 2009 (RP 12/29)

London elections 2012 (RP 12/28)

Members' pay and expenses - current rates and a review of developments since 2009 (RP 12/)

Local elections 2012 (RP 12/27)

Electoral Registration and Administration Bill (RP 12/26)

The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union: political issues (RP 12/14)

Sovereign Grant Bill (RP 11/57)

Alternative Vote Referendum 2011 (RP 11/44)

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2011 (RP 11/42)

Scottish Parliament Elections 2011 (RP 11/41)

National Assembly for Wales: Elections 2011 (RP 11/40)

European Union Bill (HC Bill 106 2010-11) (RP 10/79)

Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill 2010-11: Commons Stages (RP 10/72)

How much legislation comes from Europe? (RP 10/62)

The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill [Bill 63 of 2010-11] (RP 10/55)

Fixed-term Parliaments Bill [Bill 64 of 2010-11] (RP 10/54)

By-elections 2005-2010 (RP 10/50)

Local elections 2010 (RP 10/44)

Key Issues for the New Parliament 2010 (RP 10/37)

General Election 2010 (RP 10/36)

Members 1979-2010 (RP 10/33)

Northern Ireland Assembly Members Bill [HL] [Bill 75 of 2009-10] (RP 10/25)

Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill: Committee stage report (RP 10/18)

Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill [Bill 142 of Session 2008-09] (RP 09/73)

Parliamentary trends: statistics about Parliament (RP 09/69)

Parliamentary Standards Bill [Bill 121 of 2008-09] (RP 09/61)

Members’ Allowances (RP 09/60)

The Departmental Select Committee System (RP 09/55)

European Parliament Elections 2009 (RP 09/53)

Election timetables (RP 09/44)

Members since 1979 (RP 09/31)

Members' pay and the independent review process (RP 09/29)

Royal Marriages and Succession to the Crown (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill [Bill 29 of 2008-09] (RP 09/24)

Political Parties and Elections Bill: Committee Stage Report (RP 08/91)

Parliamentary approval for deploying the Armed Forces (RP 08/88)

The Political Parties and Elections Bill (RP 08/74)

Local elections 2008 (RP 08/48)

London elections 2008: elections for Mayor and London Assembly 1 May 2008 (RP 08/47)

Parliamentary involvement in public appointments (RP 08/39)

Parliamentary pay, allowances and pensions (RP 08/31)

Election Statistics: UK 1918-2007 (RP 08/12)

The Barnett Formula (RP 07/91)

The Treaty of Lisbon: amendments to the Treaty establishing the European Community (RP 07/86)

House of Lords - developments since January 2004 (RP 07/82)

The UE Reform Treaty: amendments to the 'Treaty on European Union' (RP 07/80)

'Governance of Britain' Green Paper (RP 07/072)

EU reform: a new treaty or an old constitution? (RP 07/064)

Scottish Parliament Elections: 3 May 2007 (RP 07/46)

National Assembly for Wales elections: 3 May 2007 (RP 07/45)

The Parliament (Joint Departments) Bill [HL] [Bill 94 of 2006-07] (RP 07/44)

The Funding of Political Parties (RP 07/34)

The Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) (No 2) Bill [Bill 84 of 2006-07] (RP 07/32)

Election timetables (RP 07/31)

The House of Commons (Participation) Bill [Bill 22 of 2006-07] (RP 07/24)

The Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill [Bill 62 of 2006-07] (RP 07/18)

The Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) bill 2006-07 [Bill 7 of 2006-07] (RP 06/56)

Parliamentary Pay and Allowances (RP 06/47)

European Security and Defence Policy: Developments since 2003 (RP 06/32)

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill [Bill 111 of 2005-06] (RP 06/06)

The Centre of Government - No. 10, the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury (RP 05/92)

The Government of Wales Bill 2005 [Bill 10 of 2005-06] (RP 05/90)

The UK Parliament and European Business (RP 05/85)

The Electoral Administration Bill 2005-06 [Bill 50 of 2005-06] (RP 05/65)

Modernisation of the House of Commons 1997-2005 (RP 05/46)

Parliamentary pay and allowances (RP 05/42)

By-election results 2001-05 (RP 05/34)

General Election 2005 (RP 05/33)

The Quango Debate (RP 05/30)

The Electoral Registration (Northern Ireland) Bill [HL] [Bill 64 of 2004-5] (RP 05/15)

The European Union Bill [Bill 45 of 2004-05] (RP 05/12)

The Constitutional Reform Bill [HL] - a Supreme Court for the United Kingdom and judicial appointments [Bill 18 of 2004-05] (RP 05/06)

The Constitutional Reform Bill [HL] - the office of the Lord Chancellor [Bill 18 of 2004-05] (RP 05/05)

Freedom of information implementation (RP 04/84)

The collective responsibility of Ministers - an outline of the issues (RP 04/82)

Parliamentary Pay and Allowances (RP 04/40)

Election timetables (RP 04/38)

Individual ministerial responsibilities - issues and examples (RP 04/31)

House of Lords - Developments since January 2002 (RP 03/85)

An introduction to devolution in the UK (RP 03/84)

Officers of Parliament - a comparative perspective (RP 03/77)

Parliamentary pay and allowances (RP 03/64)

UK Election statistics 1945-2003 (RP 03/59)

Whither the Civil Service? (RP 03/49)

Parliamentary Questions, Debate Contributions and Participation in Commons Divisions (RP 03/32)

Modernisation of the House of Commons: Sitting hours (RP 02/41)

Departmental Select Committees (RP 02/35)

House of Lords Reform: the 2001 white paper (RP 02/2)

The Parliamentary Oath (RP 01/116)

Parliamentary Standards (RP 01/102)

Members' Office Costs - the new system (RP 01/88)

Parliamentary Pay and Allowances: Current Rates (RP 01/87)

Parliamentary Pay, Allowances and Pensions: the reviews of 2001 (RP 01/86)

House of Lords reform: developments since 1997 (RP 01/77)

General Election results, 7 June 2001 (RP 01/54)

Elections Bill (2000-01 Bill 80) (RP 01/44)

Parliamentary Pay and Allowances: Current Rates (RP 01/43)

Election Publications Bill [HL] (2000-01 Bill 41) (RP 01/40)

General Election Results May 1997 (RP 01/38)

UK Election Statistics 1945-2000 (RP 01/37)

By-election results 1997-2000 (RP 01/36)

Election of a Commons Speaker (2nd edition) (RP 01/30)

Parliamentary Election Timetables (RP 01/14)

House of Commons (Removal of Clergy Disqualification) Bill (2000-01 Bill 34) (RP 01/11)

Shifting Control: Aspects of the executive-parliamentary relationship (RP 00/92)

Draft Budget 2013-14 (SB 12-61)

Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill (SB 12-54)

Local Government Elections 2012 (SB 12-38)

Public Finance: A glossary of terms (SB 11-75)

The European Union - the legislative process (SB 11-46)

The European Union - A brief history (SB 11-44)

Key issues for the Parliament in Session 4 (SB 11-28)

The Size of the Public Sector (SB 10-88)

Local Electoral Administration (Scotland) Bill (SB 10-66)

Parliamentary Pay and Expenses (SB 10-56)

Tracking the Scottish Budget (SB 10-41)

Scottish Parliamentary Commissions and Commissioners etc. Bill (SB 10-20)

Parliamentary Pay and Expenses (SB 09-83)

The Supreme Court (SB 09-69)

Interpretation and Legislative Reform (Scotland) Bill (SB 09-60)

Parliamentary Pay and Expenses 2007-08 and Pay and Expense Rates 2008-09 (SB 09-06)

The Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Bill: Stage 1 Debate (SB 08-60)

Public Audit Structures in the UK (SB 08-45)

The Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Bill at Stage 1 (SB 08-35)

Comparative budget processes (SB 08-27)

The Treaty of Lisbon and Scots Law (SB 08-26)

Local Government Elections 2007 (2.4 MB) (SB 08-12)

Parliamentary Allowances and Pay (SB 07-51)

Rejected ballot papers (SB 07-36)

Public Finance - A Glossary of Terms (SB 07-30)

Election 2007 (2.3MB) (SB 07-21)

Briefings from before the 2007 election are no longer on SP website

Parliamentary Pay and Allowances (SB 07-09)

Interests of Members of the Scottish Parliament Bill as amended at stage 2 (SB 06-36)

Attitudes to the Scottish Parliament and Devolution (SB 06-23)

Regulatory and Investigatory Bodies created by the Parliament since Devolution (SB 06-16)

MSPs’ Allowances and Expenditure 2004-05 (SB 05-81)

The Interests of Members of the Scottish Parliament Bill (SB 05-80)

The Scottish Commissioner for Human Rights Bill (SB 05-79)

By-Elections September 2005: Glasgow Cathcart (Scottish Parliament) and Livingston (UK Parliament) (SB 05-54)

UK Election 2005 in Scotland (SB 05-28)

Parliamentary Time Spent Scrutinising Bills - Session 2 (SB 04-76)

Parliamentary Time Spent Scrutinising Bills - Session 1 (SB 04-75)

The Holyrood Building Project (SB 04-60)

Parliamentary Pay and Allowances (SB 04-48)

Key trends in the Scottish Budget 1999-2003 (SB 04-16)

Parliamentary pay and allowances (SB 03-82)

Parliamentary systems: the Conference of Regional Leglislative Assemblies in Europe (SB 03-55)

The Holyrood Building Project (SB 03-52)

The Scottish Parliament and Europe (SB 03-44)

Election 2003 (SB 03-25) (2.5 MB)

Parliamentary systems: The Committee of the Regions (SB 03-23)

Languages and the Scottish Parliament (SB 03-22)

Parliamentary pay and allowances (SB 02-130)

The Scottish Parliament and the Convention on the Future of Europe (SB 02-87)

Scottish Parliamentary Commissioner and the Scottish Health Service Ombudsman (SB 02-64)

The size of the Scottish Parliament (SB 02-34)

Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Bill (SB 02-26)

Summary of Parliamentary Questions lodged during 2001 (SB 02-17)

Scottish Youth Parliament (RN 01/100)

An Introduction to EU Policy-making Structures and Procedures (RN 01/85)

Public Appointments (Parliamentary Approval) (Scotland) Bill (RP 01/14)

The Scottish Budget 2002-03 (RN 01/70)

The Scottish Parliament Building (RN 01/64)

The timing of Local Government Elections (RN 01/44)

Public finance: A glossary of terms (SM DA 01/02)

Freedom of Information: Consultation on Draft Scottish Legislation (RN 01/34)

Summary of Parliamentary Questions lodged during 2000 (RN 01/31)

ECHR Incorporation into Domestic Law: The Human Rights Act 1998 and the Scotland Act 1998 (RP 01/03)

Public sector ombudsmen (RN 00/108)

The annual Budget process (SM DA 00/07), revised Apr 2001

Parliamentary pay and allowances (RN 00/96)

Public Appointments in Wales and elsewhere 12/049

The Welsh Ministerial Code 12/043

Subordinate legislation made by Welsh Ministers under Assembly Measures 12/045

Appointment of the Permanent Secretary to the Welsh Government 12/039

Welsh Government's legislative programme 12/034

Recall of MPs draft Bill 12/030

Future electoral arrangements for the Assembly 12/026

Towards a UK Constitutional Convention? 12/023

Local Election Results 2012 12/020

Wales and the reform of the House of Lords 12/017

The West Lothian Commission 12/013

National Assembly for Wales (Official Languages) Bill 12/005

The Silk Commission 11/066

The review of Parliamentary constituencies in Wales 11/055

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales 11/054

The Audit Regime in Wales 1999-2011 11/053

The Road to the Independent Commission on Devolution in Wales 11/052

Welsh provisions in Westminster Bills: An update 11/047

Legislative Powers of the National Assembly for Wales 11/008

2011 Assembly Election Results 11/023

The Constitution - Legislative Powers of the National Assemblyqg 07/0010

The Constitution - Assembly Acts and the Legislative Process qg 07/0009

The Constitution - Subordinate Legislation qg 07/0007

The Constitution - Legislative Consent Motions qg 07/0006

The Constitution - The Counsel General qg 07/0005

The Constitution - The First Minister and Welsh Ministers qg 07/000

The Constitution - The Assembly Commission qg 07/0003

The Constitution - The Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer qg 07/0002

The Constitution - Wales in the United Kingdom qg 07/0001

National Assembly for Wales Election 2011 11/020

Referendum on the Voting System for UK Parliamentary Elections 11/019

Results of the National Assembly for Wales Referendum 2011 11/017

Summary of the Legislative Powers gained by the Assembly since 2007 11/009

The National Assembly for Wales Referendum 2011 11/007

Steps to a Referendum on further powers (QG 07/0061)

Final Report of the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales (Holtham Commission) (QG 10/0017)

Simplifying Government Finance: The Alignment Project and how it will impact on Wales (QG 10/015)

The Public Bodies Bill 2010: Implications for Wales (10/070)

2010 General Election results (10/056)

First report of the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales (Holtham Commission) (QG 09/0009)

Independent Review Panel on Assembly Members’ Pay and Allowances (QG 09/0008)

Budget Scrutiny in the UK Administrations (09/032)

The Barnett Formula: funding the devolved administrations (09/012)

National Assembly for Wales: Summary of legislation and legislative competence since May 2007 (08/043)

Local Election Resoults 2008 (updated) (08/039)

National Assembly for Wales: Legislation and legislative competence since May 2007 - update (08/002)

The UK Government's Legislative Programme for 2 007-08: Bills of significance to Wales (07/099)

National Assembly for Wales: Legislation and legislative competence since May 2007 (07/098)

The Governance of Britain (07/097)

2007 Assembly Election Results (updated) (07/069)

Key Developments in the National Assembly for Wales (July 2007) (rtf, 9 MB) (-)

2007 Assembly Election Results (07/063)

The Constitution: 8 - A Glossary (MRS QuickGuide 28) (07/060)

The Constitution: 7 - Assembly Measures (MRS QuickGuide 27) (07/059)

The Constitution: 6 - Legislative Competence Orders (MRS QuickGuide 26) (07/058)

The Constitution: 5 - The Counsel General (MRS QuickGuide 25) (07/057)

The Constitution: 4 - The First Minister and Welsh Ministers (MRS QuickGuide 24) (07/056)

The Constitution: 3 - The Assembly Commission (MRS QuickGuide 23) (07/055)

The Constitution: 2 - The Presiding Officer and the Deputy Presiding Officer (MRS QuickGuide 22) (07/054)

The Constitution: 1 - Wales in the United Kingdom (MRS QuickGuide 21) (07/053)

The Third Assembly: Changes arising from the Government of Wales Act 2006 and the new Standing Orders (07/050)

National Assembly for Wales Election 2007 (07/049)

Key Statistics for Electoral Regions (07/047)

Assembly Constituencies and Electoral Regions (07/006)

2006 Assembly Budget Process: Information for Assembly Members (06/047)

"Officers of the Assembly" (06/044)

Part 5 of the Government of Wales Act: Finance (06/040)

Government of Wales Bill: House of Lords Second Reading (06/024)

Legislation and Regulatory Reform Bill (06/023)

Part 5 of the Government of Wales Bill: Finance (06/104)

Welsh Assembly Government bids for primary legislation (06/011)

Progress of the Government of Wales Bill 2005-06 (06/010)

Scrutiny and engaging in the EU decision making process (06/007)

Government of Wales Bill 2005-06: Second Reading (06/003)

Government of Wales Bill 2005-06 (06/001)

Better Governance for Wales - key materials - September-December 2005 (05/040)

Electoral Administration Bill (05/038)

Better Governance for Wales: key material: statements and debates (05/033)

UK Government Legislative Programme 2005-06 (05/025)

UK Government Legislative Programme 2004-05: Outcome of Bills (05/017)

EU institutions and policy-making procedures (05/014)

Welsh Assembly Government bids for primary legislation (05/011)

UK Government Legislative Programme 2004-05: implications for Assembly Committees (05/003)

Key Events in the Development of the National Assembly for Wales [rtf] (04/026)

UK Government Legislative Programme 2004-05 (04/024)

Reform of Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies (04/020)

Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies (04/019)

Opposition, community designation and D'Hondt (189/12)

Estimating the cost of machinery of government changes (166/12)

Directions and procedures relating to the Standards Commissioners in UK legislatures (155/12)

Machinery of Government - departmental arrangements (126/12)

Local Government past and present (113/12)

Political groups (92/12)

Electronic Vote Counting Systems (91/12)

Committee stages of bills (85/12)

Effective legislative scrutiny (84/12)

Electoral Constituencies (79/12)

Further information on plenary and committee business in the Northern Ireland Assembly and other legislatures (78/12)

Further information on Standards Commissioners (70/12)

Electoral Boundaries in England and Wales (64/12)

Scheduling Parliamentary Time (63/12)

Use of electronic devices in Plenary (47/12)

Family-friendly practices [in Parliaments] (46/12)

Topical questions (45/12)

Procedure when a Member is not present in the Chamber to ask their question (44/12)

Pros and cons of the Barnett Formula for Northern Ireland (29/12)

Electoral systems for the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales (08/12)

Further information relating to the structure of the Northern Ireland Assembly (07/12)

Barnett consequentials (04/12)

Size of the Northern Ireland Assembly (176/11)

Strategic Budget Review: Further evidence (167/11)

Length of Assembly Mandate (151/11)

Aspects of Opposition (144/11)

Committee stages of Bills (136/11)

Priority Questions (135/11)

Directions and procedures relating to the Standards Commissioners in UK legislatures (134/11)

UK Bill of Rights Consultation (123/11)

Parliamentary relationships and Europe (106/11)

Options for strategic budget stages (103/11)

Budget System Laws: Principles and Good Practice (101/11)

Parliamentary/Assembly Questions (96/11)

Conduct and Discipline in the Civil Service (88/11)

Relationships between Committees and Departments (77/11)

Analysis of Transferred Votes in the Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2011 (59/11)

Proposal for a Principal Deputy Speaker (56/11)

Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2011 (55/11)

Parliamentary Privilege (27/11)

Public Petitioning in Legislatures in the UK and Ireland (22/11)

Operational aspects of the Northern Ireland Assembly (21/11)

Participation of Attorneys General in Parliamentary proceedings and duties relating to Members’ Interests (193/10)

Assembly Members (Independent Financial Review and Standards) Bill (179/10)

Political Donations and Loans in Northern Ireland (174/10)

The Northern Ireland Ombudsman (170/10)

Participation of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland in Assembly Proceedings (127/10)

Voting and Community Designation (102/10)

The Size of the Assembly and Number of Government Departments (includes Efficiency Review Panel) (101/10)

Multiple Mandates (100/10)

Funding the United Kingdom’s Devolved Administrations (82/10)

A Central Budget Committee for the Northern Ireland Assembly: Some Considerations (79/10)

Resources for Budget Scrutiny (60/10)

Considerations for Reform of the Budget Process in Northern Ireland (45/10)

Investigating Parliamentary Standards: A Comparison (08/10)

The Northern Ireland Block Grant and Calls to Reform the Barnett Formula (75/09)

The Barnett Formula (49/09)

Legislative Consent in the Northern Ireland Assembly and Other Legislatures (23/09)

Parliamentary Funding: A comparative analysis (120/08)

Procedures Governing Private Legislation in Other Legislatures (103/08)

Committee System and Structures Survey (75/08)

Comparative analysis of procedures governing The Right of Reply and Prior Notification in Legislative Chambers (57/08)

Comparative analysis of procedures governing Amendments to Amendments on Legislation (56/08)

Conflicts of Interest (21/08)

Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2007 (01/07)

Prepared by Simon Patrick, 21 July 2016